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With Season Two of The Mandalorian premiering at the end of the month, our latest episode of Hyperspace Theories revisits the stories told in Season One. Between the three-episode opening arc and the two-episode conclusion falls a trio of distinct episodes that build and develop a number of important character dynamics. Tricia Barr and B.J. Priester discuss Chapter Four: Sanctuary, Chapter Five: The Gunslinger, and Chapter Six: The Prisoner and what they contribute to The Mandalorian’s story progression.

Many of those developments involve the show’s central and titular character. Like the middle of a Campbellian journey, Mando faces tests and trials while encountering allies and enemies. These episodes, for example, reinforce Mando’s distaste for droids and his sworn commitment to never remove his helmet around other people. They also show his worldly experience, his tactical combat prowess and creativity, and the code of honor that plays a role in determining which adversaries he defeats but leaves alive – and which ones he kills. And of course, his relationship with his ward, Baby Yoda, advances too, with a little prompting from Cara Dune, Omera, and Pelli Motto, as well as Mando’s own burgeoning affection for the child.

Check back soon for our next episode, also to be released before Season Two begins, when we will discuss the finale episodes of Season One.

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