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Season One of The Mandalorian concluded with a two-part story arc consisting of “Chapter 7: The Reckoning” and “Chapter 8: Redemption.” In this episode of Hyperspace Theories, Tricia Barr and B.J. Priester analyze how the finale episodes pay off the storytelling and characterization set up during the course of the season. We also look ahead to how the threads left open at the end of Season One may lay the groundwork for the stories to come in Season Two.

The finale episodes of Season One provide compelling character development for the titular Mandalorian (whose real name, we learn, is Din Djarin), as well as further evolving Baby Yoda’s understanding of the Force, a change of heart by Greef Carga, and the fateful sacrifices of Kuill and IG-11 to save the Child from Imperial captivity. We also discuss the humorous sequence at the opening of Chapter 8, involving the two biker scouts with Baby Yoda, and examine the storytelling impact and thematic purpose of humor in conveying a moral message to the audience. And of course we have to talk about the incredible new villain, Moff Gideon – who, it is revealed in the last moments of the season, is in possession of the Darksaber, an important relic of Mandalorian culture.

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