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On September 21, Star Wars: Andor launched on Disney+ with a three-episode premiere. On Hyperspace Theories, we analyzed how those episodes set in motion the character journey for Cassian Andor from his life on Ferrix, and the preceding years in flashbacks, to become the Rebel operative and hero we see in Rogue One. The fourth episode of Andor, released on September 28, greatly expands the scope of the series and broadens the character arcs and plotlines far beyond the personal path of the titular character.

On today’s episode of Hyperspace Theories, Tricia Barr and B.J. Priester revisit the roots of the podcast in Star Wars speculation. We analyze the first four episodes of Andor, the scenes in the official trailers that did not occur in those episodes, the publicly available list of writers and directors for all twelve episodes, and Tony Gilroy’s prior Star Wars storytelling in Rogue One. Examining these sources, we consider what they suggest about the story structure, themes, and character arcs in the remaining eight episodes of the first season. Knowing that the series was thoroughly planned before entering production, and overseen throughout by Gilroy as showrunner, provides more confidence than other recent Star Wars live-action productions that speculation from the early episodes and other evidence creates the opportunity to accurately draw inferences and make predictions that align with the storyteller’s carefully developed tale.

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