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On the latest episode of Hyperspace Theories, Tricia Barr and B.J. Priester consider the second set of three episodes in Season Two of The Bad Batch. These episodes – “Faster,” “Entombed,” and “Tribe” – present a trio of independent, self-contained missions for Omega and her brothers: accompanying Cid for an ill-fated gambling excursion involving riot racing, a dangerous adventure to seek an artifact in an ancient tomb with Phee, and an unexpected encounter with Gungi, a young Wookiee Jedi survivor of Order 66, that leads Clone Force 99 to conflict-scarred Kashyyyk.

Although some fans have expressed confusion about the purpose of these episodes in The Bad Batch Season Two, we discuss how classic elements of Star Wars story structure help to explain the character development goals underlying these episodes – and why our protagonists seem to meet less than successful outcomes for their endeavors. As Clone Force 99 struggles to find a new identity and purpose in the galaxy, these episodes provide them with important information and experiences that can influence their thinking and decisions going forward. Along the way, we also describe why these episodes of The Bad Batch are not “filler episodes” or “bottle episodes” as those terms are used in serial television storytelling, drawing on Tricia’s post about “Faster” and filler and an insightful post by Kathryn VanArendonk at Vulture. Finally, we use B.J.’s post about “Tribe” to briefly step back into the storytelling origins of The Clone Wars with George Lucas and examine how The Bad Batch pulls forward some decade-old unused ideas.

This episodes concludes with our reactions to the recently released trailer for Season Three of The Mandalorian, which premieres on March 1st.

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