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Tricia Barr, B.J. Priester, and Kay had the pleasure of attending Star Wars Celebration in Orlando last week, so of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to record this month's episode of Hyperspace Theories in person from the convention. What better topic for discussion, too, than the first teaser trailer for The Last Jedi, which was revealed on Friday morning by director Rian Johnson at the conclusion of the movie's panel.

In the episode we share our first reactions to the teaser trailer. We consider the imagery shown, the dialogue included, and the themes and connections to The Force Awakens and other Star Wars stories that resonated with us in the teaser.

At the time we recorded this episode, we had viewed the trailer twice at the panel and several more times on a laptop on YouTube. Upon closer review with better equipment, we had more success with determining the words spoken by the whispering in the background audio:

  • just before Rey says, "Light," and underneath the flute motif that introduces Rey's theme: Princess Leia saying, "help me, Obi-Wan."
  • just before Rey says, "Darkness," and underneath Kylo Ren's theme in horns: Ben Kenobi saying, "seduced by the dark side."
  • just before Rey says, "the Balance," accompanied by violins holding a note: Yoda saying, "surrounds us ... binds us"

Celebration delivered much more content than The Last Jedi teaser, and we'll be breaking it all down in detail on upcoming episodes of Hyperspace Theories.


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