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The new year kicked off with the return of The Bad Batch for Season Two of the animated series. Although some time has passed since the destruction of Kamino at the end of Season One, Clone Force 99 and the galaxy as a whole are still very much living in the aftermath of the end of the Clone Wars and amid the early days of the Galactic Empire. In this context, it makes sense that the Separatists, although defeated militarily in the war, continue to have a lingering impact on the story.

In this episode of Hyperspace Theories, Tricia Barr and B.J. Priester examine the role of the Separatists in the world-building and character development of The Bad Batch in the first three episodes of Season Two. The premise of “Spoils of War” and “Ruins of War” involves Clone Force 99 trying to steal a small portion of Dooku’s “war chest” from his home base of Serreno. Along the way, Omega and her brothers learn important new information about the Separatist leaders, the Empire, and the impact of the war on everyday people on Separatist worlds.

The third episode, “The Solitary Clone,” unfolds a similar eye-opening scenario for Crosshair. Reunited with fan-favorite Commander Cody, Crosshair can fall back into the familiar routine of blasting “clankers” and following orders to complete the mission. But he also learns first-hand that the new Empire is not interested in peace, only power, and ends the episode weighing Cody’s words about choices and consequences.

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