Hyperspace Theories

The fandom has awakened with the first The Force Awakens teaser trailer dropping online and in theaters. Tricia Barr, B.J. Priester and Geek Kay share our initial reactions!

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In this episode, Tricia Barr, B.J. Priester and Geek Kay explore the career of Kathleen Kennedy and what she brings to Lucasfilm. The Force Awakens inspires an infinite number of possibilities considering the philosophies of the storytellers and the storyverse. For the storytelling segment, Tricia, B.J. and Kay look to other succesful heroic stories made recently that suggest how the Hero's Journey will be modernized. The plot bunny giveaway this month is inspired by the Episode VII title.

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Megan Crouse joins Tricia Barr, B.J. Priester and Geek Kay of FANgirl Blog to discuss the legacy of George Lucas on Star Wars. The speculation segment considers context and how one picture can be interpreted many different ways. The potential effect of Star Wars Rebels is explored before plot bunnies inspired by the show are shared with listeners.


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